About Agriglobe

Established in 1992, Agriglobe has successfully served the agricultural investment community throughout California, with clientele that includes individuals, private and public corporations and international investment funds. In the years since our founding, Agriglobe has emerged as California’s leading agricultural asset management company.

Agriglobe has developed and managed citrus, nut and tree fruit orchards, vineyards, kiwi plantations and more – large and small farms representing practically all of the commodities grown in California. Our experience and knowledge are diverse, gained from many years of challenging environmental and economic conditions that confront California agriculture.

At Agriglobe, our mission is safeguarding the investor from the vast array of service providers and vendors, ensuring each client receives total value from their farm investment. On behalf of our clients, Agriglobe contracts with local farming companies to perform the day-to-day, on-site farming activities, and we prepare and implement the annual operating plan and budget.

All materials such as fertilizer and pesticides are purchased under the name of our client. As the client’s fiduciary, Agriglobe ensures that mark-ups and profits are not tacked on by the farming company or other intermediaries. Such diligent control of finances ensures strict adherence to the budget plan.