Agriglobe Services

Agriglobe’s services are provided in three distinct areas of specialty:

Asset Management

Managing agricultural assets requires more than just the farmer’s knowledge. Finance, chemistry, labor relations and many other skills are needed to effectively yield the maximum return from the land. With increasing labor rates, migrant labor issues and pesticide safety concerns, Agriglobe brings together the team of professionals necessary to provide the complete management package.


Agriglobe provides critical analysis of our clients’ existing farms and potential new acquisitions. This includes performing financial reviews of accounting principles, audits of labor and chemical suppliers and, most importantly, crop accounting. We also provide crop-specific reporting, including recommendations based on markets, soil, climate and available infrastructure.

Real Estate

As a licensed California real estate broker, Agriglobe represents clients on both the acquisition and disposition of farmland and other agriculturally-related real estate such as wineries, cold storage facilities and warehouses. As many of our clients are publicly traded and/or based outside of the United States, Agriglobe provides these clients with specific reporting services required by the US Department of Agriculture and the Securities and Exchange Commission. In conjunction with each client’s legal and accounting counsel, we formulate the necessary reporting needed to stay within compliance.